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Re: wiring question

Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:08 pm
by thummmper
In response to larry from 2010 for general archival value, he said he wasnt cutting anything until it ran--The only trouble I ran into with "paring" was the orange wire on the pcm was 8 volts for the abs, but it ran into a spider and split off to feed the cam and crank sensors. I nipped it before the spider, not after, so I had to splice it back in. Systems like airbag, abs, chrysler ac, etc can be pared out with little or no impairment. just pay attention to the spider splices.
I still need to run 2 more wires forward [mid engined] for the cc and then I can final wrap the wires--she has been a driver for 2 months now and boy she's smooth. [94 vision] passed smog and the overall inspection, except my custom fuel tank.
the wiring isnt that difficult, once you get familiar with what is needed. I studied the books for a month before cutting. rke, otis, stereo, wipers, etc all came out.
I ended up using the eagle steer column, mic and headlight sw. brake sw also is next to the other brake lite sw, so there are 2, one isolates the brake lights, and the chrysler one feeds signal to the pcm/tcm. nice and torquey