88 Itasks 3.8 Buick conversion with problems

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88 Itasks 3.8 Buick conversion with problems

Unread postby billpetlock » Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:45 pm

I have an 88 Itaska (same as Lesharo). It has already been converted to a Buick V6 engine and transmission and the conversion appears to be done well.Buick speedometer says around 44,000 miles. It has a California SMOG certification attached so it has probably been like it is for some time.

I have a very nice 1990 LeSharo that could be for sale or available to trade for a V6 conversion. I have always wanted a V6 conversion and I bought one as a fixer upper. It runs but there is more work needing to be done than this 69 year old wants to do. The conversion was done cleanly, probably professionally and it looks good under the hood. The conversion has been SMOG certified for the State of California. Some of the things that were never completed are as follows:

The dash A/C and heater needs work. There is an A/C compressor on the engine but it is not hooked up. There is no heater.
There is no provision for a 2nd battery but the shore power works and supplies power to the appliances and lights. I have the charging solenoid systemfor the second battery.
The refrigerator was removed but I have an exact replacement.
The rear hot water heater has been removed.
Has 2 gas gauges but I don't know if either works.
Roof air runs but I do not know if it gets cold.
There is no generator.
Has a new battery.
The interior is a little shabby but should clean up. The ceiling could be replaced or repaired.
The bathroom is stock and in good condition.
The sink and stove are intact.
The exterior is in fair condition but a few repairs and a paint job would make it look new. I would not be embarrassed driving it just like it is.
All the glass is in place and not broken.

I really want a V6 conversion so my questions are as follows:
Does anyone want to take on this project and finish this properly for me.
Does anyone who already has a conversion want to work a trade and finish this up for themselves?
Does anyone want to buy this as is?
I have lots of pictures if anyone is interested?


Bill Petlock
cell 360-772-1388
Castle Rock, WA
I-5, exit 52.

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