Recommended service locations in San Diego or Riverside?

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Recommended service locations in San Diego or Riverside?

Unread postby rhonda » Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:12 am

By now you all realize that I bought my LS to use and enjoy ... but without any skills for DIY/tinkering. I've been fortunate to have a good relationship with my auto dealership service manager (10+ years) whose advice I trust. Although GM, he was extremely helpful readying the LS for its California certification last year. Sadly, I learned this week that he is no longer with the dealership and no contact information was offered. I do hope all is well for him.

This leaves me needing to find a new service shop for my LS. My first choice would be a location in Temecula, CA -- but I'm open to recommendations in Riverside or San Diego counties. Any recommended shops?

My immediate intention is to flush/inspect the cooling system. I'm also seeking advice on a tranny cooler. Phoning around yesterday was an interesting exercise: my favorite family-run service center won't work on RVs of any kind; the Chrysler dealer won't help me as the engine isn't in a car; the large RV center disdains older/unusual vehicles - don't want to even go there!

Searching Google for "chrysler service temecula" led me to a sponsored link for Temecula Service (aka John Hine Mazda). The service advisor was helpful over the phone and we booked an appointment for next Friday for the cooling inspection/flush. FWIW, John Hine dealerships included Chrysler and GM lines until recent events. As such, I'm thinking Temecula Service techs will know their way around the engine in my LS. Comments? Recommendations?

Thank you!
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Unread postby Alan Bergman » Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:58 pm

Hi Rhonda,
I am sure there are quit a few folks worried about servicing their cars and trucks right now. Let's hope this turmoil doesn't last long.
The transmission cooler is something that you should go to a reputable transmission shop to find. They all have several different types and will put them on for you. I think you could even get them to install a transmission temperature gauge at the same time. If it hasn't been done lately that you know of I would also schedule an oil and filter change while you are there.
Getting it all done at once might save a little shop time and money in your pocket.
Hope this helps,
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Re: Recommended service locations in San Diego or Riverside?

Unread postby thummmper » Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:38 am

you have a gm kit, right? 3.8L? I know a veteran line mech from hardin olds in orange, ca that loves this stuff. gary larsen is a 32 year veteran factory GM line mechanic. his phone number is
714-315-9956 he has a shop in stanton, ca. near beach blvd., se of disneyland.

todd, carlsbad, ca.
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