1992 Auto Transmission Questions.

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1992 Auto Transmission Questions.

Unread postby Geeck » Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:50 am

A few questions I would like answered if possible. I bought my unit last fall and took it for a run last weekend went about 600 miles no issues, unit has 53000 miles and runs well. Here are my questions:

1) I had the tranny & final drive fluids changed with synthetic fluid, FD 75/140 & Amsoil ATF. The shop that did the work drained a fair bit more fluid from the final drive that what is shown in the literature. He asked me to contact this forum to see if there is a possibility for tranny fluid to flow into the final drive, this would explain why he found more fluid in the final drive. The previous owner may have also overfilled the final drive on an earlier fluid change, no previous records??

2) He also found the tranny to be overfilled by about 1/2 liter, is this a problem?? It was filled to the manual recommendations after the change but I did get the tranny warning light a couple of times on my trip. I realize the tranny warning light covers a few issues but when I added about a 1/4 liter, light went out and stayed out for the remainder of the trip. Anyone else have similar issues, I will drain excess fluid if it's a major issue.

3) The tranny shop that did the work does not recommend the use of tranny additives to stop leaks unless you are planning to rebuild the tranny within a few thousand miles, seals really get buggered up and sometimes the additives gum up the tranny internals. The shop said they can tell at once when the tranny comes apart if additives were used.

Tks all for ahead of time for the feedback.
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