First road trip

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First road trip

Unread postby Obiejuan » Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:09 pm

My wife and in just bought an 87 that is sitting at a mechanics shop out in Vegas. We live in Vermont. We plan to fly out in a couple of weeks to pick it up and drive back (2400 miles) in one non-stop shot. The LeSharo has 58,000 miles. Aside from having all of the hoses/belts inspected and/or replaced, what else should we have looked at/replaced before we hit the road? Thanks
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Re: First road trip

Unread postby Ray Charbonneau » Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:30 pm

There are a few important items to look at when making a journey that distance with a LeSharo.
The first would be to look at the fluid levels, including the final drive fluid. The final drive contains a very small amount of gear oil and if ran dry can ruin a trip.
The tires are a concern, are they the right ones(load rated 'D')?
Be sure to check the brake fluid, has it ever been changed?
Here's a link to a manual for these coaches, look at the service intervals and see if you can find out what's been done.
A final question would be what was it in the mechanics shop for and was it repaired properly?
Be sure and join the Yahoo groups for these coaches, there's a wealth of info on those sites as well.
I hope this starts you out well and remember, we're here to help if you run into issues along the way.
Ray Charbonneau
Winter Haven, FL
1988 Winnebago LeSharo w/ Buick 3.8
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Ray Charbonneau
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Re: First road trip

Unread postby Rick H » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:13 am

Just to add a couple more things, check all lights to make sure they work properly.
Verify the batteries are good. Yes, batteries, one for the engine and a coach battery. If still original, the coach battery will be accessed from under the coach, under the drivers seat. Be careful when lowering it as it is heavy. Search this site for more details on the coach battery.
Become familiar with the owners manual so you can understand all the switches and what they do such as the battery switch for 'Dual Off MOM'. Again search this site.
Make sure the wipers work and are in good shape before leaving the mechanics shop.
Check the spare tire for condition and inflation.
If you are driving straight through you probably won't need the propane or coach water systems.
The fridge, if working, can be run on 12v which comes off the coach battery.
Here is the biggy, remember that these are four cylinder engines that have a running sweet spot of about 4,000 rpm which translates to about 60 mph in high gear and about 15 mpg if in tune. Also you will need to gear down on the up hills and you need to also watch the coolant temps as these can heat up under extreme load and will need to cool down by slowly down or pulling over and letting it cool down. Don't worry it the trucks pass you.
Once over the mountains the travel conditions will be easier.
Another suggestion, would be that you take the LS for a short drive say an hour or so but not too far from the mechanics shop to give it a 'shake down'. It may save some time later. While doing the shake down run, stop some place and buy some oil, coolant, tools, and other spare fluids you may need on the way home, just in case.
I know I said a couple of things at the beginning of this, but excuse me for running on like this, but hopefully this will help make you trip easier and more comfortable.
You can always ask questions at any time as many of us can give you suggests to help you out. When you do ask, let us know where you are as there maybe another LS owner in the area.
Good luck,
Rick and Cathy from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
88 LeSharo 2.2L gas auto

We drive in 'NANAZBUS'.
Our grandchildren love it.
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Re: First road trip

Unread postby Obiejuan » Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:13 pm

Thanks for all the info guys!!! We appreciate it
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