Coach side window leak

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Coach side window leak

Unread postby Terry » Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:24 pm

I have the window with the bottom quarter knob crank open.

I just found a coach side window leak that has been hidden below by 10" of foam mattress. It has messed up the wall fascia considerably. I am not able to understand where the leak is coming from. The bottom sill is angled outward, the drains are wide open, there are no rust holes or such in the sill drain area, the window appears very sealed at top and around the sides.

The water line is about 1/3 up the quarter window bottom, no staining above whatsoever. I'm wondering if the leak is not from the edges of the window but perhaps from the top of the quarter window? Perhaps water is finding its way from that into the inside edge of the window and then following it down.

I would almost swear that when I have it open, it does not leak anymore. But one would think that the bottom drains would catch this sort of issue, so I dont really know where the leak is.


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Re: Coach side window leak

Unread postby Rick H » Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:35 pm

I had a similar thing when we at the Rally and had a hard downpour a few years ago. We had retracted the awning and shortly after the rain started the back passenger window was leaking at the bottom.
So brave me went outside with duct tape and taped where the top of the window frame met the body and the leak stopped. Took the tape off the next day and when I got home removed the window and found that the seal was not fully around at the very top.
Went to a car window place and got a tube of the black sealant and resealed that and other windows and have not had any leakage since.
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Re: Coach side window leak

Unread postby populuxe » Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:20 pm

If you want to fix it, check youtube for resealing RV windows. It is not hard to remove the window from the coach, apply the correct seal and reinstall it.
I made the mistake of globbing on silicone over the window edges. It worked but the silicone is a pain to remove and not attractive. It's best to do it right and you're good for 20 years.
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