Kohler generator mufflers

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Kohler generator mufflers

Unread postby Karl Neiswender » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:19 pm

Hi Gang,
I thought some of you might be interested in this email trail.
Regards to all

Hello Mobility RV,
I seek a muffler for my Kohler generator in my 90
Can you provide it and if so, how much.
Best regards, Karl

hello karl
i can supply a muffler for your generator, problem is
kohler as gone thru the roof on price of it. approx.
$600.00 last time i checked. i would suggest trying to
find a close replacement locally. 1 customer had gone
to his local john deere supplier and found a muffler
he made work from a tractor.
let me know of any other questions or if you want me
to proceed with this muffler. thanks/terry

Hello again Mobility RV,
Thanks, FYI, I bought a generator muffler locally at Hunter & Lomison
in Williamsport PA for $80.00. I could have had a complete kit with
exhaust pipe, tail pipe, clamps and everything for $119.00.
Best regards, Karl

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Karl Neiswender

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