Brake Shoes help

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Brake Shoes help

Unread postby Phasar » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:14 pm


Does anyone have a "current" cross reference for rear brake shoes part number for the heavy duty axle, 1987 Lesharo? Drums a 254.6 mm Shoes are 254 mm x 27 mm Lucas Girling. I can get them relined locally however prefer to buy new. Mobility RV can not get them anymore.

It's based on 1987 Renault Trafic I, or Renault Master I. Found sources overseas. However.. shipping, VAT etc..

looking for a link to or a centric part number.

Renault OE part number is: 7701201617 (verfied by Terry at MobilityRV few days ago.) these were referred to me by a vendor in England. I think they are correct. Will contact Centric and see if they can cross reference them. Rockauto you can't talk to them anymore.

Appreciate anyone's help. Have seen other posts here, however nothing current.

update: 5/1/19

I belive these are the correct parts: you can find them via ebay or parts stores in Europe.


Quinton Hazell BS522

ATE 03.0137-0036.2

Lucas -TRW: GS6181

LPR 01150

Valeo 562025 (not sure about these)

Hope this helps
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Re: Brake Shoes help

Unread postby Phasar » Fri May 03, 2019 11:29 am

Centric used to have a part for the Bendix system. Not anymore. So nothing for the Lucas Girling either.


Valeo 562025 confirmed.

Local shoe reliner wanted $150.. ouch

Found a set of these on Amazon, they had one set left.. Valeo 562025. $65 new for 4 shoes including shipping from Germany! About 2 weeks to get here. Got lucky.. installed and work perfectly.

Another vendor on eBay had Quinton Hazell shoes for about the same price shipped from the U.K.
They had excellent correspondence and an outstanding rating on eBay. I will link them here for anyone in the future.

There are many cross references.. new shoes can be had for many years to come.

Renault Trafic, Renault Master, Mercedes 100, etc..

Shoes on this 87' are 57mm X 254mm
7701201617 Renault part number (confirmed by Terry at MobilityRV.
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