1988 Bosch 2.2 5 speed manual Flooding issue

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1988 Bosch 2.2 5 speed manual Flooding issue

Unread postby xb70valkyrie » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:21 pm

Hello All!

I have had my LeSharo for four years and outside of a small dead spot on the throttle (which also seems like over fueling) it has been running fine the entire time. A few weeks ago it suddenly lost all power. I pulled over, waited a minute it started up and ran fine for several hundred miles until recently it did the same thing and would not start again.

After towing it home I managed to get it to start with a lot of throttle where it seemed like it was barely running on couple cylinders. I checked for spark on all cylinders and it was fine. I disconnected power to the fuel pump and it started up just fine and ran well until it ran out of fuel. Suspecting the fuel pressure regulator I changed it only to have the same problem. I am not sure what to suspect next. The Throttle Position Sensor is new. Could it be injectors, Mass Airflow Sensor, computer...? I need help cause I like using this thing. Will also take recommendations on a mechanic in the Seattle area.

Thank you,

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Re: 1988 Bosch 2.2 5 speed manual Flooding issue

Unread postby Wanderer » Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:09 pm

If your LeSharo is a Bosch fuel injected unit (1985 to early 1988). You need to check for vacuum leaks and cracked or broken hoses.
See this post and check your unit thoroughly before you start replacing parts that you do not need.


AFTER this is done check your fuel pump for debris at the inlet nipple if it is dirty clean the tank out as the fuel intake strainer has disintegrated and the return line is clogged. If it is clean then check for a collapsed or clogged return line.
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