Monroe Max-Air MA 815 shocks

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Monroe Max-Air MA 815 shocks

Unread postby refrigman » Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:51 pm

These carry only a 90 Day guarantee (which is NOT posted n Amazon's site.) One of mine started leaking air after only 10 days of driving but I had installed them (but not driven more than 100 miles) more than 90 days prior in preparation for an 8300 mile trip. Amazon said to contact Monroe. Monroe said "sorry, just 90 day warranty". So $58 and the tricky install and I have junk. (I completed the trip by installing auxiliary coil helper springs in NC as soon as I discovered the failed shock.)

AutoZone sells Gabriel Hijackers #49205 for same applications for $63.99 with a LIFETIME warranty. I have not yet purchased/installed those but anyone considering the Monroes others have listed on this forum might consider the Gabriels instead.

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