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Rear Bushings

Unread postby aherw141 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:52 pm

Group being a member for more ten years I often did not contribute,we haveso many Knowledgeable people in the group and with so much more experiencethan I and often (always)was beat to the punch(responce). a few months back.....
I started with My interior roof replacement ,got through that with much Help from the group as always.
and Now The saga with My axel ,which in a matter of weeks will be handled and which comes to another DUH and HUH moment for me and perhaps some of you. while looking to see what parts I would need with the rig on stands(one side I could cleary see day light through where the sway bars fit into the bushings , Understand I have changed the front ones Years ago all with recomendation from a member ,I recall checking the rear ones and they looked fine,what I am saying is that it may require the coach be up in the air to really see what wear these bushings have.
I hope this helps
1988 Lesharo 3.3 conversion

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