Ceiling replacement.

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Ceiling replacement.

Unread postby towood » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:18 pm

On the 85 Ith, someone had replaced the ceiling with some kind of ply that is cracking/bad shape. If I strip it bare, where do I go next to put a new ceiling in? Materials or other suggestions NHS please. Thanks, Lee

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Re: Ceiling replacement.

Unread postby scott.edwards » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:23 pm

I am pretty sure there are documents on the ceiling in the Lesharo-owners site....... If not,, I know a few years ago there was a good discussion on options.

Cheers, Scott

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Re: Ceiling replacement.

Unread postby Roberta Radavich » Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:48 pm

Lee, there's a lot on this website about ceiling restoration if you
search the past files.
If the roof is in bad shape, first you want to look at the
outside roof area and see why... or the leakage that caused your
current damages will quickly ruin your nice new ceiling...it will only
Larry Schoppe put us on to this product called Eternabond, and I
see walmart is now carrying this:
Its an adhesive backed tape that has worked incredibly well to
permanently stop the leaks, and the trick was how well you clean up
the surface prior to putting that on. If you haven't yet done that,
you would be really wise to consider it. Larry has done some nice
writeups about preparation needed to make that a good permanent solution.
Before we knew about it, we caulked our roof seams annually and
still faced leakage. Its been 8 years since then and not a single leak.
We have some marginal quality photos in our files of our ceiling
from inside that shows where supports are located that you can attach
to when you arch in the new ceiling material, and if you now have
yours stripped, your beams are probably easy to see. It would be sweet
of you to consider taking photos for others that follow in your path
to help them to locate those for ceiling supports when they do partial
repairs, and post those to the group. Some folks have used door skins,
(thin veneer of various woods) to replace that internal ceiling, and I
can't recollect what else has been used, various sheet goods from
lowes or home depot have been used, but it is a topic that you'll find
if you search, and others will chime in too. Good luck and keep us
posted on your progress.


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Roberta Radavich

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