Power door lock switch

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Power door lock switch

Unread postby up_and_runnin » Thu May 25, 2017 8:49 pm

As if I didn't have enough to deal with...

I used the power door lock switch on the drivers door to lock the doors, then exited through the side coach door. I was working on another vehicle a short distance away, and heard a faint, repeating "thunking" sound. I found that the noise was the door lock solenoids in the Lesharo operating repeatedly, and then saw that the door switch had not returned to the "Off" position after I had locked the doors. It no longer returns to "Off" when using it to lock or unlock the doors. I'll look into replacing it eventually, but until then I'll be paying attention each time I use it.

I thought I'd mention it here as another item to pay attention to with these Lesharos. I was lucky that I was nearby when this happened - usually I park it some distance away from the house, and there are times I might not be near it again for days or even weeks. So that thunking could have gone on that entire time, leading to who-knows-what kind of further issues.

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