Coach wiring

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Coach wiring

Unread postby dslater » Fri May 30, 2014 3:24 am

Before I start this new topic, I just want to send out a big Thank You to everyone who has given advice...especially Scott, Rick, and Larry. My little girl is now purring like a kitten, idles well hot or cold, starts fine and is noticably less noisy...AND IT IS NOT OVERHEATING. I intend to put about 500 miles on it close to home and then re-torque the head again...and readjust the valves again...just to make sure. As an aside, I have to keep turning down the idle. When I first started it up, it was idling too low so I set it up to about 1000 rpm in neutral. This evening, I had to bring it back down from 1400.

So anyway, Wiring is SOOOOO NOT MY THING, but at $120/hr shop is now! Most everything is working except for two overhead (under cabinet) lights and the power vent. I don't recall if the lights were ever working since I got it ( the sun is up about 22 hrs a day now ) but the fan was and now isn't.

It looks like the power vent shares the same circuit as the bathroom lights, which both work just fine...but nothing ( that I can determine) is making it to the fan. I want to replace the fan, so it will be coming out if that helps to find the problem. The coach wiring diagram shows a connector for the blue and green (ground) from the right bathroom light to the fan.

Anybody know where that connection is? I can't even determine where the wiring to the bathroom light is coming from. I know there is wiring in that rubbery strip near the ceiling that covers wiring but I can't access that through the bathroom. Is there something I have to remove or disassmble?

All of the overhead lights ( bottom of cabinets ) share the same circuit. There are 4 lights: A) above the seat behind the drivers seat B) above the seat behind the passenger seat C) over the galley D) above the passenger side dinette seat.

A. and D. work just perfect which to me means the purple wire (hot) and green (ground) main trunk wires are fine. So there must be a bad connection coming off of these main lines....again, anyone know where those connections are....and again, behind the rubber moulding?

87 Phasar

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Re: Coach wiring

Unread postby scott.edwards » Fri May 30, 2014 8:14 am

Hi Dave,

I have not taken mine apart enough to give you advice on this issue. That said, I recommend you take a look at the Rialta-tech site on Yahoo. There are much better wiring diagrams on there, showing where the wires are located, how they run, throughout the coach. Pick the 95 model year, as I believe it was still the same or at least similar to all the last model LeSharo...... for the coach section anyway!

Cheers, Scott
91 LeSharo

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