Exchange parts at the Rally

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Exchange parts at the Rally

Unread postby lsrschoppe » Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:14 am

The Rally Group is looking forward to s goof turnout this year. Several
new members are coming and there will be a passel of old timers on hand to
answer questions about almost anything LeSharo, Phasar, or the Utility Van..
In addition, we will have our conversions there and the owners will
explain their way of converting to the various drivetrain's, bring a camera and
a notebook. Most of your conversion questions will be discussed (sometimes
quiet loudly) It is Chrysler vs GM. Hopefully, some of the way-out
conversions such as Honda, Ford, and others will be there.
And let us not forget the main venue, our 2.1 Diesel and 2.2 gas powered
motorhomes. If you have a worrisome problem with your H-body, chances are
it will be fixed here.
I plan on being there.......and bringing some parts to sell, trade or give
If you will let me know what you might need I will put it on the list of
things I bring. . If you buy it good, if not, good, it can go back to Ohio
with me, No pressure,
There are a lot of generic parts available at the motorhome salvage sales
in Elkhart. This includes awnings, switches, light assemblies, and a bunch
of "I wish I had one of those" parts. Since their parts are new but
discontinued on some other brands, the prices are right. I will have to buy a
bunch to restock my ever leaner store of H-body stuff.
Don't forget to bring your Maintenance and Owners manuals. There will
probably be some informal classes on various subjects including how to read
those Electrical diagrams. Get the results of the loads of stuff their
experience provides.. And it is free.....

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Re: Exchange parts at the Rally

Unread postby RonOhler » Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:57 am

I have a 1992 project. The motor is toast and the trans needs both input shafts. Our very special friend Larry S has tried diligently to talk me into performing an engine conversion. I'd like to do so but am concerned with big projects running head long into my A.D.D and time constraints. I am listening for ideas on transplants.
I also am watching for an awning as this one does not have one. My 85 has a Carter awning that we really like how it works.
I found the vent cover lying out in the yard this week. The double sided foam tape debonded from the aluminum actuator and it blew off. It is now cracked and in need of replacement.
In addition, I went to use the furnace on my 1985 and did not realize that mud wasps had built a nest far up inside on the vent fan. This prevented the motor from running which damaged it. I need a replacement.
I'm hoping to make it to the rally.

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Re: Exchange parts at the Rally

Unread postby atcer1 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:42 am

Hi Larry,
Where and when is the Rally?
I would like to attend

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Re: Exchange parts at the Rally

Unread postby Sacajawea » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:20 am

The rally is June 5,6,7 & 8, 2014. It is at the Elkhart Campground in Elkhart, Indiana. If you are going to attend please e-mail for more details.

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