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LeSharo conversion & more for sale

Unread postby richferg2 » Tue May 07, 2019 6:53 pm

Hi all,

It's time! I have been sitting on a bunch of winny stuff for over eight years and I haven't hit a lick on it so I've decided it's time to make a little room and clean house, or more factually, barns. I will first make a non informative list and then add a bit of detail to what I consider to be the more interesting items.

Converted 84TD LeSharo with complete 98 Riviera (supercharged) drive train coach has 52K donor43K
1989 LeSharo Gas/Auto (drives only in reverse) to convert.
Donor car 1999 Buick Park Ave. Ultra (supercharged, of course) 8,200 original miles
Donor car 1998 Buick Riviera, supercharged 70K+ Miles. (72K or 78K) can't remember.
I have a screen door for 83-86 TD (If there is a buyer of the 84TD conversion, they get first refusal.)
I have a "canned awning" in excellent condition. Same first refusal as above.
I have a set of new LED tail lights for the 89 (probably 87-92)
I have a wiring harness (engine) for 86 or 87 gas.
I have a set of CNC'd bolt on hub and brake adapters for rear. GM to LeSharo mid or heavy axle.
These are expensive but very nice. buyer of 89 gets first refusal.
Lots of small parts and pieces. Big roll of wide side stripes like on 89. Both types of wheel lugs and some studs? J tube? airbox.

Before I go into details on the various items, I need to explain for the uninitiated, about the need for supercharged donor cars. There are those in the world of winny conversions that will say that there is no need for a supercharged motor and that a 3800 will do the job just fine. That is true and even a series 1 makes for a pretty nice conversion. BUT what you get with the supercharged motor along with the volumetric efficiency and subtle whine when pulling a very long grade at 70 mph is a heavy duty 4T65E transmission. In my opinion, this transmission is the perfect match for the winny conversion. Why would you go to all the trouble of doing a conversion without using the parts that will make it fun and reliable and have lots of longevity. There are no guarantees of course but if you are going to do it why not do it right. I'm sounding a lot like my Dad. I know there are lots of other conflicting opinions on the subject but I just thought I would put mine out there for consideration. I would also like to mention that finding low mileage supercharged/4T65E donors is getting to be a difficult task.
What is a 20 year old complete power unit with 8200 original miles worth?
For that matter, what is a 20 year old conversion with a 43k mile power unit worth?

The 84 TD conversion is the second of 7 or 8 that I have done. It was last driven in 2011 when I moved to the Ozarks from Colorado. It followed my overloaded box truck with overloaded 20' trailer at speeds never to exceed 60mph, 105deg. air on full. 22.5 mpg. Being my second attempt at GM conversions. this does not have the whippy hub adapters and strut mounts that I developed and used in later conversions. It has 4 wheel disc brakes, variable power steering, variable fuel control for blower, dual exhaust, all from the 98 Riviera donor. Conversion starts, runs, drives steers and stops very well. The GVWR of this TD is 5330 lbs. It sit's on GM 16" 7 spoke chrome wheels and 225 60 16 tires with a capacity of 6436 lbs.
The Winny has been sitting for eight years. The water system has not been used in 12 or more years. Both dash and roof air worked when last driven. I have used the furnace but can't tell you how far back that was. The exterior is all original rust free (now very dirty with barn dust) but will clean up to be very nice. The interior is all original and very nice.
It will need tires, a coach battery, eternabond treatment to roof and the windshield reset. (glass is good)

It has a clear Colorado title in my name
My price is 10K firm.

The 89 LeSharo is one I have been saving to do my last conversion. Alas, time moves on and that will probably not happen now. It is a very original, rust free, extra nice interior unit that was always maintained by Mobility RV. Somehow it made it to 115k miles on original automatic. Engine is good and it comes with a new alternator (not installed) long story! It has a slightly oversized roof air unit and a canned awning. With the 99 ultra (8200 miles) and front and rear adapters (strut and hub) $5.5k.
With the 98 Riviera and adapters, $4K
Both of the donor cars were driven to where they sit. I may need some help getting them out of the barn. tires on both will be a problem.
I value the screen door at $500
The awning at $250
The wiring harness at$100
The "J" waffle tube at $100
Wheel lugs $1 each for either type.
LED tail lights 87-92 $250

I'm sick of this computer and am going to put a stop to this.
If I am way off base on any of this, I would appreciate being told.
I'm on a previously Amish farm without power in the barns so checking various things out may be difficult for me but I will consider special requests. We are out in the country and do have mice and mud daubers who's life's work is to mess with LeSharo owners minds.

John Ferguson
417 746 0198 landline has machine
417 260 1225 Cell

I can do short texts!

--- lesharo-owners 1557273607.M376750P3952Q4
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