Shower faucet for RV water closet bathroom sprayer head

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Shower faucet for RV water closet bathroom sprayer head

Unread postby Terry » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:41 pm

My Lesharo has been modified a lot. One change is that a taller toilet and hand rails were installed for a special needs person. To accomplish this, the basin had to be removed. It is of no loss because that basin was almost useless and there is a real sink just a step out the door. Current photos are below so that you understand what I am working with. The sink aerator had to even be removed to allow the toilet lid to rise. So now I have a working faucet that dumps water all over the floor and that has a pressure diverter for the shower head. It's a mess.

Take note of the large hole where the basin drain was located.

I need to change the faucet to a personal shower only style which is rather cheap and simple to do.

This faucet would solve my problem, but when installed, it leaves the shower hose coming out from the front which will interfere with the toilet lid operation.

So I have been looking for alternative shower controls.

I have not been able to find one where the D-spud comes out from the same side as the controls. Many rv faucets have a removable spigot that leaves an output on top, but that is a very odd fitting which may prove to be very hard to adapt.

I have found one where the output is on the opposite side of the controls which is an improvement, but that leaves the sprayer hose inside of the wall which then is another problem to solve.

In my searching I have gotten distracted and have found all sorts of other possible things to use to solve my problem. One of my goals here was to also install a zero waste shower head. When boondocking, we dont have much water supply or waste holding, so this small camper really needs to conserve and make it hard to run unused water.

The first thing that came to my mind was to use a kitchen sink vegetable sprayer. Those actually shut off and do not dribble and should be able to connect to a D-spud somehow. Using one of these with the bottom discharge control, I can use the nice little finishing holder for this that is usually on a sink and the hose stores inside of the wall.

This got me to thinking about other ways to store the hand sprayer so then I came across deck or cockpit shower systems for boats. The simplest of these will be a hand valve sprayer head that tucks away into a nice plastic hole with cap. I could install one of these into the vertical hole that was left by the basin drain and then I would have a neat stealth sprayer head inside of the wall operating off of the water controls above.

This Shureflow Cockpit Shower is perfect for that:

Plastimo has a very simple version of the same thing:

Another thing I wanted to try to implement was a single handle water valve to make it easy to adjust the temperature as the engine superheated hot water makes its way to the faucet. These are very common for home lavatory use and kitchen sinks yet it is absolutely impossible to find one that does NOT have a spigot. So I was trying hard to come up with a way to find a single hole single control lever valve to use with my sprayer. I was unable to find a solution there so that was a bust.

Then I just came across this really neat product which is a lavatory faucet for the home with a pull out and I am wondering why people are not using this for rv as yet. This would even be great for the kitchen sink in an rv.

Delta 750/RP26533 Classic Single Handle Specialty Faucet.


The only problem is that it doesnt have a lever control on the sprayer and it isnt low flow. So perhaps I could buy this unit and then replace the sprayer with a sink vegetable sprayer and be done with it?

I am looking for your creative ideas here given all the above stuff.

I would like:
    to fix my problem
    add a low waste low flow shower sprayer
    have a single handle control or some other good way of managing temperature control over having two separate knobs

Then I need to seal up those holes you see below the faucet and behind the toilet. I also need a shower curtain that snaps above to protect the walls of the extended shower stall and the cabin floor.
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Unread postby Alan Bergman » Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:15 pm

Hi Terry,
This is an interesting problem. I am wondering if you were to buy a Launtry sink faucet with a swivel spout such as a Price Pfister WU2-100C
and instead of connecting the swivel spout , maybe you could connect your shower hose. I think the spacing is still 4 inches like your original faucet. I know this is not a normal conversion but on the other hand your problem is unique. You might have to do some handy work with the spout part to make the hose connection.
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Re: Shower faucet for RV water closet bathroom sprayer head

Unread postby populuxe » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:42 pm

This looks like a great shower head. I don't use mine enough to justify the change. I really like a shower in the morning, but when we dry camp, there is no elec for the water heater. I could use my Coleman on-demand heater but would have to do some crafty modification to integrate it into the LeSharo....
Check this out. All you have to do is unscrew your old shower head and put on this new one:
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Re: Shower faucet for RV water closet bathroom sprayer head

Unread postby pashabor » Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:17 am

That is a good faucet that is retractable and can be used for dogs. It is an extendable faucet. Anyway, the link in here gave me tips about shower faucet.
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Re: Shower faucet for RV water closet bathroom sprayer head

Unread postby reddc » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:31 am

Great ideas Terry. I think the sink vegetable sprayer will work well.
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