1986 LeSharo 3 spd Auto Transmission

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1986 LeSharo 3 spd Auto Transmission

Unread postby Anonymous » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:53 am

Name: Glenn
Email Address: blgmartin@hotmail.com
Date: Sunday 30-Aug-15 Central Standard Time
Subject: 1986 LeSharo 3 spd Auto Transmission

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Hi Everyone newbie w/ 2.2L Renault Drive system, trans got hot and stop working. Towed it home. trans don't go into gear, any gear.. But things seem to be turning in the trans but wont engage.. when I try to put in park It sounds like grinding, had to shut off to put in park, Its like trans is working inside but not engage movement. could a drive shaft or something come undone inside trans? it drove well till it got hot, then nothing?.. please help.. I have 2 Volume repair manuals, with the original owners manual. but don't understand Renault... What to do?
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