From Portugal with a question

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From Portugal with a question

Unread postby ollit » Sun May 05, 2019 6:18 am


i am from Portugal and i bought a le sharo 2.1 TD built in 1984.My Van comes from England and is a left hand drive vehicle.Was imported from the USA in the year 1992.But the engine does not start since 3 years

My question:
On the top of the Injektion pump is a black Magent ventil with Cable,this is not connected in my case,is yours connected ?and where?

Greetings from Portugal
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Re: From Portugal with a question

Unread postby IdahoBob » Mon May 06, 2019 9:43 pm

I am in the US, and have a 1984 Turbo Diesel LaSharo, also.

I looked, and on top of my ejector pump is one of the injector fuel lines, I believe it's the return line.

The only Wire is on the back, to the Fuel Cutoff Solenoid. I can't see where it goes, but according to the Wiring Diagram (in the service manual), it goes to the fuse box, left side, 9th position down (a "2Red", which I believe is a Red 2 mm^2 diameter.

This wire should be energized with 12V whenever the key is in "ignition" or "start", and cuts off the fuel to stop the engine when there is no power on it.

For more infomation, the english/american service manual can be found here:

If you need more help, or need someone to take pictures, just ask.
. Mark (IdahoBob) - (and my 84 TD LS "Margot")
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Re: From Portugal with a question

Unread postby Rob57 » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:46 am

Friend, the fan you are looking at is for the heater core (matrix) and aircon blower fan. If has nothing to do with your no-start condition. If the RV has not started in 2 years, you will will need to remove the old fuel from the tank and add fresh fuel. Put a capful of engine oil into each cylinder and then put the spark plugs back on and let the engin sit overnight so the oil can coat the piston rings. The spark plugs can be found at a local parts store by looking up Renault R25, 2.2L J7T708. NGK are fine plugs and will work fine for you. Check the distributor cap and rotor for arcing... little lines inside the plastic of the cap... if present, replace with a new one. Check the spark plug wires with a simple multimeter set to resistance (horseshoe symbol) and place a probe on each end and do NOT get the plug wires mixed up! Remember, French engines nbr the cylinders different that anywhere else: Nbr 1 is at the Firewall and the Nbr 4 at the Radiator (belts). The battery should be charged and automatic transmission placed into P for Park. Check the fuse panel and use very light weight, black canvas backed, rough paper called crocus cloth to lightly go over each fuse holder and put the good fuses back in. You can check you fuses with your multimeter the same way as you did the spark plug wires. There is a fuse, called a Control Relay in the Lesharo manual... it is a 7 pin, VW relay that is talled than typical relays. This often fails. You can listen fot the fuel pump when someone else tries to shart thecare and you should be able to hear the pump turn 'on.' If it doesn't turn on... check the fuel pump wiring first and then replace the tell, 7 pin VW relay. It is held on by a single bolt on the firewall... the VW replacement, does NOT have a place for a bolt... plug it in and listen for the fuel pump to come 'on' Then get back with me at the lesharo forum on Facebook... the largest forum on the internet. Good Luck!
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