Cannot find any way to drain fresh water tank

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Cannot find any way to drain fresh water tank

Unread postby BamaBoy » Sat May 12, 2018 9:17 am

I recently bought a 1988 LeSharo, gasoline 5-speed, from a neighbor. It's in great shape cosmetically, has pretty low mileage, and runs very well—but it does have a few anomalies.

One of them is that I have crawled and cursed everywhere trying to find a way to drain the fresh water tank so I can sanitize it. The original user manual came with the vehicle, and I guarantee that what is under that passenger-side dinette seat is NOT what is pictured in the manual.

In the first place, there are zero little plugs-with-ring-pulls on the plumbing lines coming out of either side of the water pump. There is ONE little plug with a ring pull on a short piece of "pipe" that seems to come out of the bottom of the tank, inboard, but it does absolutely nothing. I think that may be where the water pump *originally* connected to the tank, and has been sealed off, but don't know. (It's essentially impossible so far to get even reasonable access under that seat, so all I can do is look with a flashlight, and feel around with one arm—which is scraped up all to **** from the hardware under that seat.)

I have a suspicion that someone may have replaced the water pump at some point, and didn't bother to install any drain plugs! I hope I'm wrong, but one thing is for certain: it is NOT a factory-styled install, and at this point I am stumped. Any ideas?
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Re: Cannot find any way to drain fresh water tank

Unread postby hasben » Sun May 13, 2018 9:05 pm

In the Fall, I park mine on a downward grade with the left rear tire on a 3" block then run the pump till it sputters. Add 1 gal. of antifreeze, run all faucets and the toilet to fill the pipes, drain the holding tanks and I'm done. In the Spring I add a few gallons of bleach water to flush the lines and I'm good to go. I never use the water for drinking and I don't have a water heater.
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