Repairing Two Common Problems with the Toilet

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Repairing Two Common Problems with the Toilet

Unread postby Ray Charbonneau » Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:58 pm

Here's a write up from the LeSharo-Owners Yahoo Group:
Two common problems with the toilet are Water supply and/or shut off
valves don't work correctly and Fresh water leaks around the base of the
Here are instructions for fixing both problems:
1. Remove the panel behind the toilet (7 plastic caps atop 7 screws);
2. Remove the short water line at the T;
3. Press the pedals down and remove the nut on the front bolt;
4. Remove the round "peephole" cover under the seat and look down and to
the right for the rear bolt. You can remove that nut with either a socket set
with extension and an offset "wobble" socket, or reach it from behind with
a wrench;
5. Lift the toilet out and lay it upside down;
6. Remove the screws around the metal plate along with the other two, then
lift off the plate;
7. Remove the screws around the next layer below the previous plate and
you can separate the sections of the toilet;
8. If your toilet water supply does not operate properly, replace the foot
pedal-actuated shut-off valve with one from an RV shop;
9. If your toilet leaks fresh water around the base when flushing, you need to
seal a hole in the little rectangular box where the two hoses attach. To do
a. Remove the seat by pulling the plastic keepers sideways from their
b. Push the seat mounts forward and slip them through the housing
(the rectangular box is attached to these mounts;
c. Remove the 10 screws from the top of the box;
d. Discard the little plunger and shrivelled seal (the reason it leaks
e. Using epoxy glue and a nickel (5 cent piece), seal the hole shut;
f. Reassemble toilet and put a little Vaseline on the rubber sewer ring
before reinstalling it.
John Elliott

John is the original author, I just found it and reposted it here for all!
Ray Charbonneau
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