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Potential New Owner

Unread postby catman » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:59 pm

Hello There,
My wife and I are considering purchasing a 1986 Winnebago LeSharo Motor home we have a lead on.
It is the 2.2L 14F model. It is in fairly decent condition with only 65,000 miles. I thought I would ask here and would welcome comments about this particular motor home and if there are any known issues I should be looking out for. We are planning on a road trip to Oregon (2600+ miles) in the next couple of weeks and I may or may not have a chance to have it checked out by a mechanic. I looked it over today and didn't notice anything specific except some type of oil/transmission leakage under the front. Without it being on a lift, I can't determine exactly what is going on or how serious it is.
I know this isn't much right now, but until I finalize the purchase, its all I have to go on.
BTW, the asking price is around $4500.00 to $5000.00
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Re: Potential New Owner

Unread postby IdahoBob » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:47 pm

The LeSharo's can be great rigs, but are very old and all need a little TLC. 2.2L gas I've heard is nicer than the Diesel (I have a Turbo-Diesel and it's WAY under powered.)

The one you are looking at could be a good rig, but it's always a gamble. Have an mechanic look it over. Pay for it yourself if the current owner won't (If you buy it you can always use it to knock down the price by the same amount.)

Go though all the fluids up front, by look, amount, and smell. The leak at front could be power steering as well.

Go though all the equipment thoughout the rest of the unit. Make sure all the beds can be converted in and out of beds, the bathroom slides in and out well, the fridge and furnace work, as well as all the cabinets. Try out the water to see the pump works and both the sinks and toilet aren't leaking.
Be especially looking for soft or discolored patches on the ceiling. There was a lot of damage around my front vent that I didn't catch until after.

Mark (IdahoBob)
. Mark (IdahoBob) - (and my 84 TD LS "Margot")
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