New owner of 1988 Le'Sharo

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New owner of 1988 Le'Sharo

Unread postby BamaBoy » Sat May 12, 2018 11:57 am

It seems I should have posted here first.

We just bought a 1988 Le'Sharo from a neighbor down the street who got it in a trade. Apparently it has only had two owners, and only had ~50k miles on it. The interior is almost like new. The guy we bought it from had been a long-haul trucker in his day, now retired, so he had the engine and tranny serviced when he got it, with new hoses and what-not, and also put new tires on it.

We haven't driven it a lot, but so far runs great.

The LP system is completely non-operational, and it is missing its gas cooktop. That hole has been covered, and we have a portable electric cooktop to serve in its place till I can get the LP system totally checked out and repaired. Then we might buy a replacement drop-in gas cooktop. Have zero idea what the state of the LP system is, but have found a local RV service place that will do a complete diagnostic on it. Praying it's something relatively simple, not requiring a tank replacement.

The electrical system and plumbing systems all seem to work just fine. (I've posted about not being able to find the fresh water tank drain—but I just now even solved that mystery!)

Even the holding tank level lights all seem to work! :shock:

Pretty soon we're going to go on a "maiden voyage" overnighter to a state RV park that's nearby. Light a candle for us!
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