Two Dead Babies

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Two Dead Babies

Unread postby Peanut and Jelly » Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:11 pm

Hello All!
New here... new to boards and rooms and such. So, ya, really: NEWBIE

Found these two last winter, at a time when housing was looking precarious. The old guy that had them let his son live in one while said son was to do a rebuild/swap/update/conversion and or restoration on them.

Dint happen.

Pros: Legal and titled and 100% complete... and mostly original..
Cons: ... mostly original...

Phaser Diesel about 150K
Winni Gas about 50K

The Phaser has water damage. I have no idea if it is salvageable as is
The winni has a slight touch of water damage but is in livable condition as is.

We live in the Pacific NorthWest so, the fuzz and mold and mildew you will see in photos is pretty much all surface gunk. When we pulled them out of the trees wa just swept them off and have them sitting drying out all summer. we will soon climb on top for a scrub and seal.

I have a couple of motorheads to do any heavy work. Me and the Jelly will try our hand at all things small, simple and not to complex. We will farm out any work that is heavy, complex or better done by a professional.

Ill try to post picture... very new at this... wont let me. Size matters?

Hope to meet you'all soon

Peanut and Jelly
Phaser Istica 01/1996 Diesel Turbo Manual
La Sharo Winni 10/1996 Gas Auto

Found dead in woods. Dragged um home
Both titled
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Peanut and Jelly
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