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'Dometic refrigerator thermostat knob'
Article ID: 4
Written by: mloganusda
Written on: Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:52 am
Article Description: 'Dometic refrigerator thermostat knob' replacements.
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Fridge Control Knobs for the Dometic RM2192
The following is comments from members in relationship to the above subject.
Note: There are a couple of pictures at the end.
Message 16947
Imagine my surprise when I opened the packages with the fridge knobs in them and found one shorter then the other. The 2932605013 was longer then 2932607019 by almost a half inch. I assumed that the two knobs would be the same length with different off sets since they came from the same model fridge. I went to the LS and tried these knobs on the T-stat position.
Side note; I had taken the old parts and glued and re-enforced them. I also lubed the control switch as it was a bit stiff. Of course those knobs now work good and here I am with these new ones.Back to the story. I tried both knobs and the former works, fits, ok on the T-stat, the latter also fits with the inspection plate off. The shorter one would fit if the plate had a larger hole for the knob or if the knob was modified. The shaft on the control switch has a larger 'D' then the T-stat, so pushing the knob on a little then taking it off and using my trusty Swiss Army Knife, I cleaned out the center of the 'D' section of the knob. I did this two or three times before it would slide on easily. So now I have a new one and an old one, but it doesn't matter as long as it works. No matter which new one you go with, you will need to mark on the knob, where it lines up, with a mark or some tape.
So in summary, if someone wants to use new knobs, buy two of the 2932605013. Of course Chris' solution is a good way to go as well. Still on a learning curve,
Today, my email said these part are discontinued and have not replacements. So, I ordered the 2 from eBay like you did. $20.50 w/free shipping. I didn't care what they looked like, I just wanted them to work. I was about to go compare them with knobs at the appliance store- a/c, stoves, etc. It's alright if they look a little different, I can only see them if the fridge is open or if I'm laying on the floor.
--- In, Rick Heslop <gprwh54@...> wrote:
I did basically the same thing. I ordered one 2932605013 t stat and one 2932607019 control knob. The difference I was told is that these are about an inch longer.
These are used on the RM 2452 model. The knobs will be a beige color and if you wanted black, well those are different numbers again. I ordered mine for EBay.
I just finished ordering a set from PPL 1-800-755-4775 knob control 2903530109 and knob t stat 2903530083 $4.88 each plus s/h $17.51 total the parts guy said his screen says not avail but replace with part #2932605013 (buy 2 of these) I ordered the other part and it went through, if not, I'll get the other knob ($8.05 each) I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.
In, "sinrider2" <SearsD@> wrote:
Hi Rick - I'm looking for the temp control knob too. Let me know if you get deluged with spares. Thanks - Dick
From: CHRIS SPENCER <chrisspencer@…>
Here is the way I made new knobs for my fridge. Take your old knob to the Radio Shack, go to the cabinets where they keep the switches, diodes alligator clips... ect. and pick out a pair of knobs that you like. Now go to the auto parts store and buy a 1/4" dia. steel fuel/brake line. And then head to the hardware store and get steel spacers 1/4"in. dia. and 1in. long( you want the ones made from a solid rod with a 1/4" hole bored through it not the ones made from folded sheet metal, a few #6 set screws ( I think it's #6) tap, Allen wrench and drill bits for the same ( drill bit size on tap or package, it's smaller than #6) and if you have a welding torch at home get some brazing rod. Now for the fun part. Take the spacer center punch, drill, and tap a hole 1/4" from the edge (or rim) of the spacer. Then cut off a section of 1/4" tubing about 2"s long and mark a line 1/2" inch from the edge. Now insert the tube into the spacer to the 1/2" mark and braze in place ( I guess that you could also tap the other end of the sleeve and use another set screw to hold it in place(might as well slap on some epoxy, one less thing to rattle loose) but what fun would that be?, besides....I have a torch,!
You now have a extension tube for your switches, slide the sleeves over the switches an tighten up the set screws install the cover plate and test fit knobs ( trim the tubes down to get a good fit on the knobs) and when you do, align the marks to the switches switch position and tighten up the knob set screws and you are done!
One note of caution would be that the old plastic knobs had a cretin amount of give when you turned them, these do not and my control switch for the power supply setting( A/C,D/C,L/P, OFF) was binding. I was able to clean it with electrical contact cleaner and compressed air and then lubed with dielectric grease ( also available at the auto parts store, and while you are at it why not get that mini tubing cutter you always wanted). It's smooth now but I am still careful when I turn it. hope this helps and good luck!
Chris 88LeSharo
P.S. the finished product is quite professional looking if I do say so my self ( that is if you have the two tone brown and blue int. like I do if not I guess you can paint the knobs)
From: Rick Heslop <gprwh54@…>
Subject: [LeSharo-owners] Fridge Control Knobs
Hi all,
I'm looking for the control knobs for a Dometic RM2192 fridge. Maybe someone out there has replaced their fridge and still have the knobs from their old. There are two of them, the power controls and the temperature setting. Anyone have those, send me an email,
Thanks in advance,
Original Knob and the new one, #2932605013. New one installed with white tape.


Mike Logan
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